30 Poems In 30 Days -- Every Emotion Under the Sun

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30 Poems in 30 Days is the astonishing account of a young woman?s struggle yet momentarily ease and ability to add a light touch to what at times appears seemingly unbearable. _ is collection of poems takes the reader through a cascade of human sensations; with wicked wit at times ? that could wake up the dead man laughing; to brutal honesty; that makes the most uptight and rigid person to move about in their chair; out of sheer captivation. 30 Poems in 30 Days encapsulates what we all, clearly to dif erent degrees, temporary feel and experience, but so rarely converse about. The author?s incentive to write the book is to make poetry accessible for everyone and it doesn?t require a degree in literature, or to be a bogged down poetry fanatic to comprehend the content and in best scenario ? draw upon identif cation. 30 Poems in 30 Days aims to be a 'comforting oasis' to escape to when life feels to overwhelming or downright impossible; when relationship gets screwed up, when the bottle or the brownie seem more appealing than reaching for the bible for comfort; when the absence of internal safety engulfs us ? that?s when this book endeavors to come in and serve its purpose. "My hope with this collection is for my small babies (I have always likened the poems with "my little babies" ? all with a heartbeat and a unique set of traits) to provide a Universal appeal, across borders, colors, classes and nations; to alleviate, what oftentimes feels like sheer horror ? the process of facing oneself. Arguably, which is in and of itself one of the most diffi cult task set out before us." -J.H

Autor: Jenny BE. Helgen
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