30 ways to Close the Deal : how to find, create, close and make deals happen

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# 1 Scandinavian Bestseller, now in English Did you know that a lot of sellers never have the courage to ask for an order? Were you aware that most sellers try to close a deal no more than once per customer call? Do you want to be the seller who can turn a no into YES by trying for a close over and over again? Then read this book, follow the adice and do the excercises. You´ll increase your sales dramatically. And remember: your competitor might already be reading this book. Can you afford not to? Sales coach, sales director and business leader, Max Söderpalm is an established name in Scandinavian selling circles. Over recent years, Max has published several books on the on the subject of sales training. The Swedish version of 30 ways to Close the Deal quickly became a bestseller in Scandinavia.

Autor: Max Söderpalm
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