A perfect relationship

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Julia is a vivacious young woman living a stable life in Stockholm with her boyfriend, Jacob. During a weekend trip to Paris she engages in a passionate affair with Eric, her friend and former au pair charge. For a while Julia?s double life goes well and she believes she?s struck a balance between her roles as girlfriend and lover. Then the trouble starts... Luckily Julia has her best friend Lisa standing staunchly by her side. With warmth and humor, Lisa loyally helps Julia stay grounded. Who will Julia choose, her lover or her boyfriend? Anna Anastase was born to a Swedish mother  and a French father. She lives in Stockholm,  Sweden. This is the new generation of chick lit where women are not ashamed of their bodies, their sexuality or their lovers. It?s a breath of fresh air that is bound to cause a stir.Ulrika Fryckstedt, copywriter and scriptwriter Anna?s French heritage is apparent in her writing. The clever, effortless prose combined with a relatively light structure gives the story a feeling of buoyancy. It?s charming, entertaining and smart.Jenny Bäfving, Writing coach and publisher?s reader A great book! One you become immersed in, highly recommended.NetGalley Reviewer Entertaining and well-written. It was a book that I couldn?t put down. Liked it a lot. Read it quickly.NetGalley Reviewer This surprise-filled triangle is unique and titillating with lots of Paris landmarks and champagne to keep things sexy. I enjoyed inhaling it and being surprised by its naughtiness. I?m so looking forward to more from this author, and maybe even more of this story, entertaining stuff, read it in one go.NetGalley Reviewer This book takes the reader on a journey that is unpredictable, and is a wild ride. It poses the question: What is a perfect relationship?NetGalley Reviewer

Autor: Anna Anastase
Seitenzahl: 179
Verlag: Vulkan
Sprache: Englisch
Format: Taschenbuch mit Klappen
ISBN: 9789189013414
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 20191003
Produktnummer Verlag: 3885
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