Agile Refinement : A way to succeed in Change Management during the Digital

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Is it possible for large companies and organizations to stay efficient and successful, year by year, without need for expensive, time consuming, recurring, restructuring programs? Is it possible for large companies and organizations to act in a way that encourages all their employees to fulfill their full potential throughout their careers? The aim of the book is to prove that both questions can be answered with yes. The authors claim that the challenge no longer is about how to succeed in your change programs. You must replace traditional change management with continuous improvement driven by cross functional agile teams. That is what this book is about. That is what is called Agile Refinement. In the book the authors share their knowledge and experience, gained during a 30-35 year period of work within IT dependent businesses and software development companies/departments. By doing so they want to acknowledge the talented, hardworking and faithful employees in IT dependent businesses and system development departments.

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