Almost Perfekt

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SWEDENA country that defies the laws of economic gravity. A land with high wages, strong unions and generous welfare. A dream location for business and a bastion of social responsibility, coming out on top for childcare, equality and quality of life.

WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM IT?Having lived in Sweden for six years, journalist David Crouch has a unique perspective as an outsider looking in on one of the world's most successful yet divided countries. Based on more than 70 interviews with leading figures in Swedish industry and politics, Almost Perfekt is a journey through Swedish society and what sets it apart from the world today. Why is Sweden so good for businesses like IKEA, Spotify and Skype?How will the country become zero carbon by 2045?And what can we learn about immigration from its ambitious policies?With political and economic upheaval threatening to pull Europe apart, discover the truth of how Sweden really works.

Autor: David Crouch
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