An Introduction to Life-Course Criminology

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Most people engage in crime at some point in their lives, but why does almost everybody stop soon after? And, why do a small number of offenders persist in crime? These two questions constitute the core of the field often known as life-course criminology. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to life-course criminology. It covers the dominant theories and methodologies in the field and equips you with all you need to succeed in your studies on the subject.

The book:Discusses the methodologies of life-course and longitudinal researchExplains and critiques the major theories of life-course criminologyConsiders the issues of risk, prediction, onset, persistence and desistance of criminal activityDraws on research from studies in Europe, the UK, US and Australia, including the Stockholm Life-Course ProjectWritten by two leading figures in the field, this is an authoritative text that will guide you through your studies in life-course criminology, criminal career research, and developmental criminology.

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