Angels Of Light Cards: Pocket Edition (55 Cards)

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Each of the 55 Angel Cards included in this deck represent a different Angel quality and can be used for guidance, inspiration and affirmation. The cards will help you tune in to the higher vibrations of the Angels and allow you to feel the helping hands of these beings at all times. Following the inspiration of the Angels will raise your consciousness, which will automatically help you attract to yourself people and situations of a higher vibratory level and release old negative thought patterns. Carry these cards with you wherever you go and use them to remind yourself of the presence, guidance and help of the Angels in your life, always and everywhere. You are never alone or lost when the Angels are with you. The Angels of Light Cards have sold over 65000 copies in their original format. This pocket version of the Angels of Light Cards will enable you can carry them with you wherever you are - giving instant inspiration.

Autor: Diana Cooper
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ISBN: 9781844091713
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