Art Of Shen Ku: The Ultimate Traveler's Guide (O)

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What is Shen Ku? Roughly translated: "Pure Traveler" or "Phantom Passenger." What exactly is the "art of...?" Mastering the skill and knowledge of practically everything anyone comes across while on Earth, including: * Tying knots and enhancing sex * Numerology and self hypnosis * Herbal therapy and forecasting weather * Curing nosebleeds and removing stains * Kung fu and magic tricks * Isometric and breathing exercises of monks * Self defense and catching fish And this is only the beginning. Irreverent and quirky, serious and 100% straightforward, The Art of Shen Ku explores hundreds of topics from a broad spectrum of life situations, and gives ingeniously simple advice on how to cope with them, overcome them, use them, and benefit from them.

Autor: Zeek
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