Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards

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A 52-week Journey of Self-discovery with the Lost Fables Based on the seven Chakras within our bodies that aid the flow of energy, this beautifully illustrated oracle deck depicts fascinating fables to enlighten and inspire. The 49 card deck can be divided into seven groups to represent the main chakras. Read the cards, with the help of the comprehensive and easy-to-follow handbook, for guidance and uncanny divination. The book includes information on how to do basic one-card readings as well as more developed spreads. In a year of self-discovery you?ll explore the fables revealed by angels to Tori Hartman, each one associated with a major chakra and each relating a simple but profound spiritual lesson. Through short daily bursts of activity, which include intention setting, journalling, solo and group exercises, and meditations, the fables will enable you to: Expand your intuitive powers Connect with others at the deepest level Realize your highest potential Create the changes you really want in your life This toolkit contains: The full text of Tori Hartman?s 49 angelic fables, lost for two decades A 52-week programme with five days of activity per week, each requiring minutes not hours Evolutionary exercises, chakra insights and guided meditations

Autor: Tori Hartman
Verlag: Watkins Publishing Limited
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Format: Sonstiges
ISBN: 9781780287515
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 20140617
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