Challengers! Welcome to the World of Game Changers and Change Makers

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Welcome to the world of game changers and change makers! This book will inspire entrepreneurs, managers and co-workers alike to think differently and understand what it takes to build the successful company of the future. A company that challenges the existing norms, that wants to change the world and take responsibility for the future. A company with a different attitude and organisational structure than its competitors. A company that turns the established business logic on its head.

This book provides you with the recipe for how to build a Challenger organisation with all the necessary ingredients, from the company's higher meaning to transparency and trust. The thing that all Challengers have in common is the passion, the will to achieve something new. But to succeed, it also takes a structure that supports the company culture, in the book presented as the simplest management in the world: WHERE-WHAT-HOW.

The book features interviews with Challengers like Maria Hedengren, CFO of iZettle; Board professional Christel Kinning; and the founder of Zound Industries, Konrad Bergström.  

Claes Knutson has extensive personal experience of Challengers, the last 20 years as a consultant. He is the founder of consulting firm TXP and the author of It's all about attitude! (2013).

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