Consciously barefoot : about earthing and healing inflammations

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Did you know that most of today's common diseases, physical and mental, have their roots cause in inflammatory conditions? 

Can you image that contact with the ground, nasal breathing and a splash of Omega-3 can help to heal your inflammation? 

Consciously Barefoot- About Earthing and healing inflammations is a book with new findings and inspiration. 

The book includes tools and hands-on advice and gives you:

tools for reducing and healing inflammations that may be the root cause of serious illnesses

? an understanding of why contact with the ground 

benefits your health

? an understanding of how the interaction between Grounding, Consiously Breathing and food provides vitality

? an insight into how the cells and mitochondria work for you

? the basics of Conscious everyday Breathing and advice on how you can incorporate it in your life

? an inspiration on how to choose the best diet, for your body, cells and mitochondria

? an insight into how radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMF) affects you and how to avoid it and reduce your vulnerability

Author Lilian Alterskjaer, with roots in Northern Sweden and the wild flora and fauna of Lapland, is known as a positive and dedicated source of inspiration for change and development. 

For many years she has been involved in health, self-sufficiency and sustainability. 

Lilian?s loving relationship to life, nature, beings and the outside world attracts many to follow in her tracks. 

The imprints she makes on Earth are like kisses in the sky ?.


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