'English is fun!' Challenges and opportunities - English in years 4-6

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Every teacher knows that there are as many individual differences as there are pupils in the class. Meeting the needs of everyone is a challenge which calls for creativity in lesson content and teaching approach. When children are engaged and enjoying themselves, they are likely to learn more, which is a reward for any teacher. The purpose with this book is to show how English can and should be fun, for teacher and pupil alike, using examples of practical classroom tasks, linked to theories of how children learn a second language. The chapters discuss, among other things, the importance of creating a positive classroom climate, how to plan an effective English lesson, use pair/group work, and not least, how different kinds of tasks can provide evidence of learning. The book aims to demonstrate that, by varying lesson content and the way we work with it, we are able to meet the needs of every learner, regardless of individual differences. ?English is Fun? is intended to appeal particularly to teachers of school grades 4?6, though many of the tasks presented in the book can be adapted for both younger and older learners.

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