Ericsson and China a lasting relationship

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In 1894 Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson delivered its first products to China. Today, Ericssons history in China spans more than 125 years, outdating the activities of most other global enterprises and nations in the country. And this in an industry noted for rapid technological development and during an era rife with changes. In this book, Ericsson veterans Lars A. Stålberg and Per-Olof Björk document the long and lasting relationship between Ericsson and China, based on their over 30 years of on-the-ground-experience. Its a vivid recollection of events from the people who lived them, backed by research in the extensive Ericsson historical archives. We hope this book conveys what weve always met at both corporate and country levels: a commitment to long-term relationship-building for shared success. Lars A. Stålberg and Per-Olof Björk

Autor: Per-Olof Björk
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