Feng Shui For Your Home

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Feng Shui is a relatively recent discovery in the West, but in recent years it has become increasingly popular in Britain, America, Australasia and Europe. Businessmen use it to plan their offices, restaurateurs understand its importance in choosing a new house or redecorating their present one. Its uses range from telling you when to move house and where to go, to which room should be where, what colours to use when decorating and how to arrange the furniture within each room for the most positive energy. Feng Shui For the Home is a practical, accessible guide to designing and decorating your home in a way that will not only bring maximum benefit and well-being to you and your family but will look good too. Annotated colour photographs and specially commissioned illustrations make this book a perfect room-by-room introduction for every home decorator who is interested in creating a positive and stylish environment.

Autor: Sarah Shurety
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