Internal Combustion Engines ? Gasexchange & Boosting

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The Book ?Internal Combustion Engines - Gasexchange & Boosting? is the next level of text book built upon the former series of independent ?compendiums? in the same subject written in Swedish and published by BoostBusters. However the textmaterial is completly rewritten and a lot of material is brand new. Here follows a presentation of the older suite of small text books written in Swedish:

Compendium 1: Single cylinder 4-stroke SI Engines

Compendium 2: Multi cylinder 4-stroke SI Engines

Compendium 3: Boosted 4-stroke SI Engines

Compendium 4: Boosted 2-stroke SI Engines

Compendium 5: Advanced Boosted 4-stroke Engines

The text book content is updated and developed to become a nicer more comprehensive package. Graphics is I colour to make it easier to spot different combinations in multi layer plots. A benefit with one book instead of five is that theory can be brought together in one part of the book instead of repeating it several times.

The text book is an educational text book meaning that it can be read as it is but it is recommended to combine with lectures. A complete package of lectures is 32 hours which can be ordered by BoostBusters separately. As usual for this category of books it contains some theory but also a lot of examples on running engines to make it easier to grasp the message.

The text book is written for anyone who is really interested in internal combustion engines with some basic understanding of the 4-stroke and 2-stroke processes. To reach that goal the number of equations have been kept to a minimum. For the readers who like to have a better background in some areas I recommend some of the material found in the reference list in the end of the book.

Lennarth Zander works as group manager (EGM) at General Motors Powertrain in Södertälje Sweden. Lennarth have earlier been employeed at Husqvarna Motorcyklar AB working with high output 2-stroke engines in dyno development. Lennarth become MSc in Mechanical Engineering and also participated in education for PhD in mechanical engineering at Chalmers University. Lennarth spent 12 years in the Volvo Group at different positions as Gasmanagement and Charging specialist for both gasoline and diesel engines. During spare time Lennarth have engineered and tested several turbocharging concepts for both motorbikes and cars.

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