Kuan Yin Transmission

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55 Activation Cards for Connecting with the Sacred Feminine Be embraced within the grace, wisdom and strength of the Universal Mother every day. These loving and insightful messages have been channelled to guide, empower and help you ? even with your most challenging problems. Kuan Yin will be your protector and guide as you fulfil your path, potential and purpose. Awaken her light within you and shine it into your life and into the world. Open your heart and take the journey of your blessed, beautiful life. Experience The Kuan Yin Transmission? and reinforce your connection with the sacred feminine with this enchanting card set from bestselling author, Alana Fairchild. The messages can be used for spiritual contemplation and for divining for yourself and others. Small enough to rest on your desk or keep in your bag, this deck is a supportive, striking and convenient reminder that the Universal Mother is with you always.

Autor: Alana Fairchild
Seitenzahl: 55
Verlag: Blue Angel Publishing
Sprache: Englisch
Format: Sonstiges
ISBN: 9781925538557
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 20190725
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