LVU Profitable Municipal Kidnapping in Sweden

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LVU: Profitable Municipal Kidnapping in Sweden By Ove Svidén, World Peace Foundation The content of this book is structured by four detailed letters to the ICC, the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Its Prosecution Office invited me to describe the situation in my country. So as a senior citizen witness, I collected my notes from near two decades, translated it into English and included it in my home page and blog. The comments from readers recommended me to pursue the kidnapping issue further into a book. This book is the gift of my life to the creative world ahead! It is a warning to the civilized world of what can happen in a materialist society, if you carry an idea too far. Every person can make mistakes. Every system has its flaws. But in a longer perspective they may all be educative blessings in disguise: Profitable Municipal kidnappings cause a Civil War in Sweden but A Peaceful New World Order that reveres motherhood, family, compassion and responsibility, can create a loving conscience & LVU-Sweden can thus become the turning point that the world needs.

Autor: Ove Svidén
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Sprache: Englisch Mittel (1100-1500)
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