Make enemies & gain fans : the snask way of becoming a successful creative entrepreneur

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Snask is a Swedish brand, design, and film agency which ranks among the most sought-after in the world of international design of the past few years. Their work is revolutionary and their appearances cause ecstatic responses in the audience. Snask is loud, pink, and filled with confetti, champagne & love.
Make Enemies & Gain Fans is a guide, collected wordly wisdom, design bible and a plea for the courage to make both friends and enemies for oneself. In this book, the Snask doers chart the steep path their agency has taken, from the beginnings to the Olympian summit of brand design. This book is a must for all those who either seek creative enlightenment, wish to do their own designing, or who simply strive for world domination. Their claim is nothing less than to do everything differently from - and better than - the rest of the world.

Författare: Fredrik Öst
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Förlag: August Dreesbach Verlag
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ISBN: 9783944334578
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