Matrix Healing: Discover Your Greatest Health Potential Through the Power of the Kabbalah

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Integrating the worlds of Kabbalah and modern science, Matrix Healing is a powerful new approach to wellness. The ancient mystical tradition of Kabbalah shows us that along with our day-to-day material world exists another unseen world, a realm of great energy and healing power that Dr Raphael Kellman has called ?the matrix?. In this realm, we all have the potential for perfect health, and in Matrix Healing, Dr Kellman shows us how to get there. Matrix Healing is the first book written by a medical doctor to apply the principles of Kabbalah ? including the power of meditation, the vitality of compassion and acts of kindness, and the sacred powers of water ? to physical health. Dr Kellman teaches us how to use these principles to shift our focus from the darkness of disease to the light of possibility, and includes the stories of many patients who have overcome serious illness by implementing this approach to healing. He provides advice about diet, meditation, and stress-relieving techniques, and offers readers practical steps they can take to relieve common afflictions such as headaches, backaches, and chronic pain. Matrix Healing offers a fresh perspective on how we can reclaim our natural state of health.

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