Narratives by Cultural Change Makers : The Fika project

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Narratives by Cultural Change Makers is part of The Fika Project (the which aim is to design a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) concept for cultural leadership development capable of meeting the demands of our complex and changing times.

Narratives by Cultural Change Makers consists of interviews with ten prominent cultural leaders from different parts of the world. Active in different countries, in different types of organisations and with different art forms and types of culture, they tell us about life and work, education and training, professional experiences, success and setbacks, dilemmas and solutions.

Accompanying this book is the newly-published Perspectives on Cultural Leadership, an anthology
of research and essays. Rather than aiming to be all- encompassing, the book seeks to open up discussion by offering thought-provoking perspectives on some of the waters that cultural leaders these days are obliged to navigate.

Together, these two books will hopefully serve as inspiring examples and interesting perspectives for the readers to test against their own experience.

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