Rising from dust

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Three men from three different time periods of our world meet in a medieval fantasy setting. War is raging in the kingdom of Trevalden. Up north in the Frozen Mountains, tha amnesic hermit Selen survives as the pariah in his community. Drawn by a mysterious call, he travels to Trevalden and meets Louis, an enigmatic archivist. Together, as Selen remembers his past, they face the desolation of war with a group of misfits. For the sake of the people, they fight back the king's armies, prepared to meet death... or a new dawn. As Selen and Louis understand that their feelings for each other may be their undoing, they are torn between their emotions and the greater good. But in the end, what is the greater good? Rising from Dust is an epic journey where gritty fantasy and history cross paths. A graphic story of loyalty, violence, magic, court plots, and unwavering love where no one is what they seem. "The novel itself does a pretty good job at building a complex web of struggling character relationships amidst a war-torn landscape, showing in good detail the internal and external conflicts of the key characters who must face and make the hard choices required of them." Bestfantasybooks.com "A fantasy that offers some fresh characters and unique twists for the genre." Kirkus review

Autor: Martine Carlsson
Seitenzahl: 448
Verlag: Martine Carlsson
Sprache: Englisch
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ISBN: 9789198392357
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 20190919
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