The employee´s guide to Mystery Shopping (Koreanska)

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A considerable number of books and articles have been written about mystery shopping, primarily handbooks and manuals for mystery shoppers and articles in English and American financial newspapers. This is the first book written for employees who are to be evaluated by mystery shoppers. The purpose of this book is primarily to explain how employees can benefit from being evaluated by an independent third party, and how it can help them to be successful and develop in their work. Employee representatives will get a deeper understanding of: 1. The purpose of mystery shopping 2. That mystery shopping is a much bigger opportunity than a threat 3. How the mystery shopping program should work to achieve optimal effect 4. Why mystery shopping must be done by an external company instead of internal staff 5. How the mystery shopping program can contribute so that the organizations? employees or members can get better feedback, better coaching, individual development, a safer workplace, and better managers 6. That every organization, even trade organizations, can benefit from using mystery shopping. The book is also suitable for supervisors and executives who plan to start to use mystery shopping in their business or to develop an existing mystery shopping program. Even journalists, students, and consumers who read the book will realize that mystery shopping is not mysterious at all! 6 We have worked with global mystery shopping programs since 1995 and have seen how companies have improved by using the mystery shopping method correctly. Since Better Business World Wide is the company we know best, most of the examples in this book come from Better Business. Since we also work with continuous improvement, we would like to know what can be improved in the next edition of this book, so your opinions and comments are highly appreciated. Veronica Boxberg Karlsson Lina Thomasdotter Schölin We do hope you find the book useful to read!

Autor: Lina Thomasdotter Schölin
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