Wisdom Cards: 81 Chun-Bu-Kyung Cards For Daily Meditation (81-Card Deck & Two Instruction Cards)

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Chun Bu Kyung is a sacred Korean text that is more than 9,000 years old. Ilchi Lee dishes daily pearls of wisdom by combining the principles of the Chun Bu Kyung with his own words of wisdom. This beautiful and inspirational card deck is composed of 81 meditation cards and 2 instruction cards. Start every day with an inspiration from these beautiful wisdom cards. No matter how you choose your card, the character and message will speak to you. Let the character and its message guide you through the day. Excerpts: Live this moment Becoming aware of this moment now makes every moment a new beginning, a new opportunity. Nothing from the past can ruin the newness and sanctity of this moment. Live one step farther When you think you've reached the end of the road, take one more step. That one step will created new road before you. Live empty fullness When the heart is pierced deeply by an earnest desire to seek the Truth, the mind empties itself, and the infinite life of the cosmos reveals and realizes itself through us. 81 cards

Autor: Ilchi Lee
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